My Stitches

Getting stitches hurts. Getting a needle sown threw your body doesn’t feel the best. Sadly, that has happen to me 2 times. I have gotten stitches in my toe and my eyebrow. If you know me well you would know i’m very clumsy. As you guys or girls can tell. Especially after this blog.

The first time I got stitches was when I was not even 1 year old, it was in my eyebrow. So what happened was we were babysitting my uncle’s old dog and I was playing with him near my TV stand and it didn’t have the safest corners, they were really sharp. He pushed me over and I cut my eyebrow, bad. So we went to the hospital. I don’t remember a lot after that because i’m 11 now and I wasn’t even 1 then.

The second time I got stitches I think I was either 9 or 10. I went to the pool with my friend, we are going to call him George.There was a girl I used to like, lets say her name was Susan. So we all lived in the same neighborhood so one night George and I went to the pool and Susan was there so after a little bit I got in the water. She did not necessarily like me, she was a little shy. So she swam away from me. George eventually got his toe cut. I was not in swim team yet so I wasn’t very fast so I couldn’t catch up to her in the water. After a while, I magically cut my pinky toe really badly. So my mom just finished wrapping up Georges toe and now she has me coming to her with future stitches. So yes I did get blood on the pool deck so she carried me to the lifeguard station. I don’t know why I didn’t do that automatically. After that I got wrapped up and went to the hospital.Sharon via Flickr

Let me know if you have ever had stitches. See my other blog if you don’t know how to do that. That’s the end of my amazing stories. Hopefully see you next time. BYE!!

20% Project

I have not really made an accomplishment yet in this project. I am kind of disappointed  because we should be farther than we are. What we are trying to do is sell shirts at one of our local schools’ basketball game. Which would be an accomplishment when we get to sell at least 1 shirt.

Our December goal is to talk to the local schools’ athletic coach or just the principle. The way we are going to do this is email him(which we have drafted but not sent) then hopefully we will meet up somewhere or just call and talk about it. Maybe even just do that whole thing in December.

Basketball, Net, Score, Rim, Hoop, Ball, Goal, ActionKeithJJ via Pixabay

Christmas Traditions

So most of us should know by now, Christmas is a holiday,a very big one. People have all sorts of traditions this time of year. Our family have some of our own. Here are our biggest ones.

One of our Christmas traditions are playing Santa. Kind of like the Christmas story we except a little different the first one who gets down to the Christmas tree is the first Santa which means they get to pick any one of their presents. After that, we just say “Can I open the next present?”

Christmas Tree The Mr and The Mrs via Compfight

Second, we have our creating tradition. We just started this one last year. What we do is we basically make a Christmas related thing unique. Last year, we made ginger bread men and women. This year, (we saw this on a commercial) we are painting our own nutcrackers. I look forward to it and hope its a lot of fun!

That has been my blog. I would love to have a comment down below! BYE!

A School In the US and Japan

Cherry Creek High School

Japanese School Info

Their are many schools around the World. In the USA there is a school named Cherry Creek High School. Lets take a look over there. They have all the core classes, math, science, language arts and more. They also have over 100 clubs including Anime club, Animation Filming club and a Steam club. Their school has a twitter @cchsactivities @cchsprincipal & @cchssports. On their website they have an enrollment area. Pretty much just like a regular school over hereBücherstapel

Marco Verch via Compfight     Test 0.3 Beryl_snw via Compfight                           But over in Japan its much different. You stay in the classroom and the teachers come to you. There are only 6 years of elementary school and 3 years of high school (in total 9 years). There classes are about 40-45 minutes in elementary and 50 at middle school.  They do get about a 10 minute break in between classes. Weirdly, their are no janitors in japan schools. Also, there are no substitutes. Sadly, that has been my blog.BYE!


M.W Delivery

Visual Aid

My group members (Adrianna and Victoria) and I have come up with an idea that will hope try and stop thirst and hunger on the streets or shelters, our ideas is about giving back to the homeless. The way we are doing this is by making a little sale. Then, making a cooking class for kids which will cost $7 per person. From that money we will get $5 McDonald gift cards and water. Next, we will go to the streets and shelters in Cincinnati, Ohio and hand them out. Our Mentor to do all of this is going to be Victoria’s mom.

The little sale will be a little difficult cause we don’t exactly know what the sale is going to be yet. But that money will go to renting a cheap but decent kitchen for the cooking class. Our plan is to teach about 2-5 meals in a span of 2 days. Some meals will probably be easier or smaller then others but it will still be fun. We hope they can eventually make a filling meal (meal that wont make you hungry anymore) by themselves.

Finally, our group has decided that I will be getting the water, Adrianna will be getting the gift cards and Victoria’s mom will be picking us up and driving us there. We all helped in this project and we hope it will be a success. BYE!  

The Pug and Plagiarizim

Activity 2

Related image


Sitting in in the pile

Looking so comfortable

With a coat of leaves

         Oranges and yellows covering the ground


With wrinkles on his forehead

and a kind of smiling face

Looks very old

    But really THAT’s just the way pugs are made


Activity 1

Plagiarism is a bad thing. Lets say their is a kid named Fred and he stays up all night making a Google doc story for school but when he gets to school Billy reads the doc and he makes an exact copy and posts it as a book as his own. That’s plagiarism.

My 5 Picture Story and the Living Pumpkin

Too smart not to enjoy life
Macro Mondays HalloweenVacances_5208Boo Lefou Posing On A Pumpkin For You!Image result for pumpkin with arms and legs
Wasfi Akab via Compfight
Harry McGregor via Compfight
Joan via Compfight
DaPuglet via Compfight

Pumpkin with arms and legs


The Living Pumpkin

Once upon a time, there was a pumpkin growing in an old mans yard, this old mans name was Stan. He was taking good care of the pumpkin and making sure it stayed large. He was growing it for the Fall Pumpkin Contest. Its a contest and to win you have to grow your own very large pumpkin. So on the 30th of October Stan went to the contest,he ended up winning, somehow. Stan’s pumpkin was 25 inches tall and 25 inches around. The hosts took the pumpkin and Stan got a motorcycle.The hosts names were Sally and Rick. Everyone got to keep there pumpkins except Stan obviously. Sally and Rick had trouble getting the pumpkin in the truck so they hired a dog to do the job for them and he did it under 2 seconds. They wanted to keep growing it but because it was off the stem it couldn’t so they used chemicals until January. That was not a good move. The pumpkin started to move more and more. Then, it started to grow arms and legs. The pumpkins arms were decent sized arms.

Then, just kidding I’m not telling you the rest! What do you think happened next?

My Comment

   Recently, I have posted on MaxH’s  blog. I read their blog because I wanted to know what their interest was. I related to this author because we both love photography. I left this comment because I can relate to his post

MaxH´s post


I made this avatar at Face Your Manga

               The reason why I chose this avatar is because 1. He looks kind of like me. 2. I like what he looks like. Also, He I love the colors, especially the background. I love that type of coffee color. He is wearing a black sweatshirt but it goes with the background. The color of the hair is like me. I do not have black glasses but I have brown with yellowish spots

          His hair is exactly like mine. The glasses are kinda like me too. What he is wearing is not really like me because I don’t have a black sweatshirt but I badly want one. Also the shirts they have were kinda bad, but the hoodie ended up pretty good or at least I think so.


  The Collection IICreative Commons License Kurt Bauschardt via Compfight                 Photography

                                                                                         By: Aj Kessler


Hi. Photography is my passion it makes me happy when I take photos. It gets rid of my stress and then I go back to homework all happy. I personally think my photos are pretty good. The other day I did a photo shoot with two dogs at the park. Their names were Monzi and Leo. Both Monzi and Lio are rescues. I got a pretty cool picture of Monzi. It turned out so well because I blurred the background out, it was taken at a low angle, and it’s a picture of a cute dog! 


The camera I used to take the pictures was a Canon Rebel T3. My first camera was an Olympus it was a point and shoot which means you don’t need to change the ISO or the aperture or the shutter speed my rented Canon you have to take time on the photos and worry about the ISO or aperture or shutter speed. Having your shutter speed high can make it really bright and grainey. You’re aperture is how much light you let in. Finally, ISO is how much light there is in the photo. Usually, You have your ISO low when you outside in the daytime.