About Me

Hi, My name is Aj. I am an animal lover. I am currently playing the baritone/euphonium. Cats are cute but I like dogs more. I love to eat food. I also think I am giving, when I go by the homeless I always want to give them something. One time in the winter I made an igloo with my brother. I get very jealous when people have things that I want. I am a kid. But,sometimes I can be kind of lame. I’m also a morning person. I also look at the negatives in things. I can also be a captain obvious. I am pessimistic. Sometimes I can be quick at things but I could also be really slow. Some fun facts are My mom used to call me tiger, I also know two notes on the ukulele, I love reading Vogue magazines. I used to believe in witches. When I moved out of Chicago I had to leave one of my best friends Xander and no it was not short for Alexander. I am terrible with yoyos. Finally, one of my favorite animals are zebras.

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