A School In the US and Japan

Cherry Creek High School

Japanese School Info

Their are many schools around the World. In the USA there is a school named Cherry Creek High School. Lets take a look over there. They have all the core classes, math, science, language arts and more. They also have over 100 clubs including Anime club, Animation Filming club and a Steam club. Their school has a twitter @cchsactivities @cchsprincipal & @cchssports. On their website they have an enrollment area. Pretty much just like a regular school over hereBücherstapel

Marco Verch via Compfight     Test 0.3 Beryl_snw via Compfight                           But over in Japan its much different. You stay in the classroom and the teachers come to you. There are only 6 years of elementary school and 3 years of high school (in total 9 years). There classes are about 40-45 minutes in elementary and 50 at middle school.  They do get about a 10 minute break in between classes. Weirdly, their are no janitors in japan schools. Also, there are no substitutes. Sadly, that has been my blog.BYE!


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